Simple is beautiful.

This was my Grandad's mantra, and it's been the guiding light for my design work. I have a strong love for tradition, faith and family; these are the foundation for everything I create. 

I'm a sucker for white space and bold colors. Meaningful details, like Grandma's watercolor or a stained glass wax seal, will always have a special place in my heart. 

Elegant, classic, timeless. These are the words that ring in my mind as I create pieces that will be cherished--both today and in the years to come.


I believe in marriage. 

There is little I love more than witnessing a marriage that is rooted in Scripture and Sacrament, and enjoying the radiant celebration of a wedding. When we give of ourselves in marriage, I believe that God gives us both a path & pattern toward holiness--and a glimpse of how He loves us.

Much of my work focuses on marriage because of my conviction and passion for marriage itself. I have found such joy and purpose in walking with engaged couples, learning their stories, and bringing their vision to life on paper to be treasured on their wedding day and beyond.


Thank you to Carrie Joy for the photos featured on this page!